The Rachel Hat

I have spent the last several winters trying to devise the ideal hat for every nuance of winter weather, but even as a devoted lover of hats it didn’t occur to me until quite recently to enter the realm of balmy weather headgear.

Enter the Rachel Hat.

This lightweight hat is the perfect accompaniment to a twilight paddle across a lake when a slight breeze is ruffling the water or when biking along a canal one midsummer’s evening.  Look fresh and debonair, as if you have a hat for every sort of activity, all the while keeping your tresses under wraps without trapping too much heat near your cranium.  The Rachel Hat is worked in the round in a lattice-like pattern that spirals around the head.  The original is made from The Fibre Company’s Canopy Fingering in Açai which has a magical, iridescent sheen to it, but the simple pattern will knit up beautifully in any fingering weight yarn.  Two hundred yards is all you need.  The twisted garter rib brim also adds a bit of visual interest as well as a snug fit for keeping the hat atop your head, wherever your adventures might take you.

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