Companion Pieces

Here to keep the Fleurette Cowl company are two more whisper–light but seriously warm little pieces knit in Quince & Co. Piper.


The Fleurette Hat is a slightly slouchy cross between a tam and a stocking cap and the Fleurette Mitts are a simple pair of fingerless mittens with a gusseted thumb.  Both pieces provide weightless warmth and are easily tucked into a pocket until they’re needed.



The mitts just joined me on a trip to Berlin and Dresden and they were frequently deployed.  Here they are being donned for some wind protection during a roof–top photo shoot in Dresden’s Altstadt.


And here you can observe them tucked beneath a steaming Baumstriezel at Schloss Charlottenburg’s Christmas Market in Berlin.  Should you find yourself craving a hot, yeasty spiral of sugar–coated dough, this English recipe will help you to make your own.  Who doesn’t love a recipe that includes a broom handle as one of the essential preparation tools?


If you can tear your eyes away from the Baumstriezel you may observe my latest version of Jared Flood’s Laurel Hat.  I think this is my third version of this hat, which is objectively, a perfect pattern in every way.  This version was knit in Zealana Rimu DK and is wonderfully warm in addition to being the ideal shade of red for dark winter days.  It served me well on this trip but tis the season to give away your woollies so I left it in Dresden with my dear friend.


She probably thinks I was being generous but giving it away simply means that I’m justified in knitting yet another one for myself [insert diabolical laughter here].  One of my first errands when I got back was to head to Knitty City to pick up another skein of Rimu.  For anyone interested, I think that three skeins will make two hats.

However, I won’t be casting on my new Laurel just yet, as there is much to be done in the next few weeks.  I am preparing some patterns and samples for Vogue Knitting Live New York City where I have a slot in Knitty City’s Young Designer Booth on Saturday, January 17 from 3–4 pm.  All of the Fleurette patterns and samples will be there along with several other pieces so if you’d like to see the samples in person, or better yet, try them on, come on by on Saturday.  Hard copies of the patterns will be available.

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One Response to Companion Pieces

  1. Connie says:

    Hope your booth at Vogue knitting is fabulously successful. Sorry I can’t be there. Knitting the mitts right now.

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